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Are there fees for participating?

You will not be charged any fees to purchase securities in the offering. If you receive securities and decide to sell them, you will pay a transaction fee of $0.07 per security, plus other ancillary transaction fees. You will not be charged for wiring funds into your account. However, your bank may charge you a fee for initiating a wire transfer. If you choose to withdraw your funds, you will have the option to link a bank account or wire out. You will not be charged a fee for transferring cash to a linked bank account. You will be charged a $25 fee if you wire out cash to an external account. You will be charged a $75 fee if you choose to transfer your securities or cash to an external account via ACAT. If you transfer your funds using any method to a Goldman Sachs account, we will waive any transfer fees. You can find a full list of all fees you may incur at the end of your account agreement, which can be found from within your Documents section of your profile.