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How and when can I transfer or sell my securities?

Generally once the securities begin trading, you will be able to sell your securities (subject to any lock up agreement) as long as you have paid for your securities in full and the funds are reflected in your account. If you want to sell your securities, you can select “Sell Shares” on your dashboard and submit an order online..You may submit a market or limit order which will be effective until the end of the day. If your order is not executed by the end of the day, it will be cancelled. You can see your full order details on the “Transactions” page within your dashboard.You may not sell securities before you have funded your account and paid for your securities in full.

 If you have signed a lock up agreement with the company offering securities, you will be bound by the terms of that agreement until its expiration, which generally will include a limit on your ability to sell your securities. You should review your lock up agreement for further information.